Remedy Law Group is a specialist law firm with a focus on personal injury litigation particularly in the health and medical law arena. 

At Remedy Law Group we are focused on partnering with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  We recognise that you have been through a difficult personal ordeal and we are here to help you recover any financial compensation you are entitled to, while you recover from your injuries.

We understand the personal injury litigation landscape and we will support and guide you towards a successful outcome where we can prove your case.

At Remedy Law Group we know that litigation can seem daunting and stressful for a person considering their legal options, particularly when that person is recovering from an injury.  We reduce the stress by providing an empathetic, supportive legal service which is focused on resolving your claim.

While it is necessary to run some matters to a full court hearing, many matters can be resolved in an out of court negotiation.  We will assist you to achieve appropriate compensation in a timely fashion which will allow you to carry on with your life with your legal case behind you.

Personal injury law in New South Wales is complex and diverse, which is why at Remedy Law Group your claim will be handled from the start to the finish by a Law Society of NSW’s Accredited Specialist in personal injury law.

We offer a no win no fee legal service to our personal injury clients.  This means that you will not be required to pay our legal fees unless we achieve a successful outcome for you.

Why choose Remedy Law Group?

Jane Bulter is the principal solicitor at Remedy Law Group and its founder.

Jane decided to found Remedy Law Group after working in the personal injury litigation field for almost twenty years.  She has worked in-house for a large defendant insurer as well as plaintiff personal injury legal firms.

Jane empathetically focuses on injured people and steers them on their paths towards recovery.  The core values of the practice are to support people both in terms of recovering from their physical and mental injuries and recovering the financial losses associated with those injuries.

While Jane knows that nobody ever wants to be a victim of negligence which causes physical and / or mental injuries and that given the choice all her clients would choose their health over an award of financial compensation, she thinks that there is still an important place for financial compensation.

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